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Power Capacitor for Harmonic Protection FMLF 7%

These LIFASA capacitors are designed to be connected in series with INR or INA reactors, in order to build up low tuning (fr = 189 Hz) Harmonic Protection Filters (Capacitor rated powers indicated in the table, are achieved when connected to the reactors).

FMLF capacitors have been specially developed taking into account that, when connected to the reactors, they work at a voltage higher than the supply voltage. Inductance value of reactors and capacitance value of FMLF capacitors are specially calculated to ensure that, when connected in series, the reactive power of the filter is as given on the nameplate.

Rated voltage 460 V
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Dielectric Polypropylene
Discharge resistors Fitted
Dielectric losses ≤ 0.2 W/kvar
Total losses ≤ 0.5 W/kvar
Max. Overvoltage 1.1Un (8 h/day)
Max. Overcurrent 1.3 In
Insulation level 3/15 kV
Power tolerance -5/+10%
Climatic range -40/ +55 ºC
Terminals M10
Colour RAL 7035
Standards IEC60831, EN 60831

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.