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Single Phase Prismatic Capacitor FMLI

Self-healing single-phase capacitors with low loss metallized polypropylene dielectric capacitors mounted in rectangular sheet steel plate enclosure having discharge resistors connected to the terminals, which are protected by the cover.

They are suitable for the individual compensation of inductive loads.

Dielectric Polypropylene
Dishcarge Resistors Fitted
Dielectric losses ≤0,2W/kvar
Total losses ≤0,4 W/kvar
Max. Overvoltage 1,1 UN
Max. Overcurrent 1,3 IN
Isolation level 3/15 kV
Power tolerance – 5 / + 10 %
Climatic Range – 40 / D (55º Max)
Connection M10
Protection degree IP41
Standards IEC 60831
EN 60831

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.



LIFASA capacitors are manufactured using the most advanced technologies, coming from an in depth knowledge of the manufacturing process and also from very strict laboratory and R+D tests. The enormous experience in installations, acquired over many years, allow us to incorporate in the new design the necessary characteristics to optimize the use of the product. Capacitors are composed of capacitive elements wound from low loss polypropylene film. This dielectric is vacuum metallized, what gives it an excellent self-healing characteristic (MKP). Elements are covered with a thermo hardening resin of high dielectric properties and are not oil filled. Elements are connected to obtain the required reactive power and are mounted in steel cases. Void spaces between elements and the case are filled with a non-flammable, inert and non toxic material. Each element is individually protected. This construction system avoids any risk of explosion of the capacitor and meets all the tests specified in the IEC 60831-1 and IEC 60831-2 standards.



  • Capacitors are dry type and consequently ecologically safe: there is no possibility of impregnating liquid leakage.
  • Losses are specially reduced: lower than 0.05% (< 0.5 W/kvar).
  • Capacitors are a self-healing type: in case of a dielectric breakdown, due for example, to a transient overvoltage, the self-healing mechanism vaporizes the metallic electrode around the breakdown point, allowing the capacitor to go on working normally.
  • Their weight and volume are very low, allowing them to be installed everywhere without problems.
  • Capacitors use strong terminals that guarantee a fast and safe connection.
  • Capacitors, cover with their different series, a wide range of power and voltages to satisfy the most varied requirements.