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OPTIM FR6-P&P-600-440


Code: R54T45.

  •  Cable section (mm2): 2×240
  •  Nr steps: 6
  •  kvar (400 V): 496
  •  kvar (440 V): 600
  •  Optional circuit breaker (A) : 1000
  •  Optional manual switch (A): 1000
  •  Composition: 6 x 100
  •  Use voltage (V): 440

The OPTIM FR P&P Series capacitor banks with detuned filters have been designed for power compensation purposes in networks with fluctuating load levels, a high content of harmonics and where there is a risk of resonance. Power variations are relatively slow (in seconds) so that the switching operations are carried out with contactors.



Its application is mainly focused on the compensation of installations with different loads, which require a regulated compensation, as a result of the power factor variations and where there is a high content of harmonics in the network.

  • Fixed detuned filters. For the compensation of transformers and motors (OPTIM FRF FRM)
  • Automatic detuned filters, For the monitoring of variable loads (OPTIM FR P&P).
Losses (W) < 0,5 W/kvar
Discharge resistance 75 V / 3 min
Surge 10 % 8 h over 24 h 15 % up to 15 min over 24 hours 20 % up to 5 min over 24 hours 30 % up to 1 min over 24 hours
Manoeuvre voltage Contactors: 230 V
Reinforcement voltage 440 V
Tolerance C -5% / 10 %
Voltage 400 V (50 Hz) (other voltages on request)
Size (mm) width x height x depth 1200 x 1900 x 650 (mm)
Envelope Sheet metal RAL 7035 Grey / RAL 3005 Garnet
Fastening Vertical / Self-supporting
Ventilation Natural or forced according to options
Weight (kg) 685
Protection class Marked on the label
Relative humidity (without condensation) 80%
Operating temperature Tª class D: Daily average: 45 ºC, annual average: 35 ºC, maximum: 55 ºC, minimum: -50 ºC
Permanent overload 1,3 In
Transformation ratio In / 5A
Electrical safety, Maximum height (m) 2000 m
Standards IEC 60831-1, UNE 60831-1, IEC 61921, IEC 60439, IEC 61439
Components CLZ capacitor (460 V) Contactors with pre-insertion block and quick discharge resistor Two-pole protection circuit-breaker for capacitor bank and regulator operations. Power factor regulator of the Computer C Wi-Fi series. Detuned filters tuned at 189 Hz (50 Hz) /227 Hz (60 Hz) for the protection against harmonics present in the network and to avoid the problems of resonance with fifth or higher order harmonics. Built-in thermostat for the disconnection of the step in case of excessive temperatures (90 ºC). Auto-transformer.
Optional Manual capacitor bank header switch Automatic capacitor bank header switch Automatic switch + Earth leakage protection at the capacitor bank’s header Forced ventilation unit + thermostat Polycarbonate plate to protect against direct contacts
Element Individual protection of each step with fuses with high rupture power (HRP). NH-00 Series.