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Power Capacitor POLB SHD

Heavy Duty (HD series) capacitors are designed to offer long time expectancy and outstanding performance with its higher electrical characteristics.

It is a self-healing capacitor with low losses metallized polypropylene dielectric, filled with inert gas N2.

They have an overpressure disconnection system which provides a high level of safety against internal defects cutting the 3 phases.

Capacitors are built in cylindrical aluminum cans, provided with a M12 stud for fixing and earthling. Connection is made by a terminal block with clamp type terminals.

Rated Voltage 230 … 440V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Dielectric Polypropylene
Discharge Resistors Fitted
Dielectric losses ≤ 0.2 W/kvar
Total losses ≤ 0.4 W/kvar
Max. Overvoltage 1.1 Un
Max. Overcurrent 2 In
Transient overcurrent 400 In
Isolation level 3/- 8 kV rms
Power tolerance -5 / +10%
Climatic range – 40/ D (+60ºC)
Life expectancy 150.000 hours
Terminal Block Type A: 16 mm²; 3 Nm max.
  Type B: 25 mm²; 3 Nm max.
  Type C: 35 mm²; 3.7 Nm max.
Fixing Stud M12
Protection degree



IP54 with hood up to Ø116mm



IEC 60831, EN 60831, UL 810 

UL Certification in progress

(1) Maximum current for 48 hours continuous operation. (Tested as per IEC 60831-1:2014 Clause 13).
(2) Maximum temperature as per IEC 60831-1:2014. Clause 4.1
40/D (60 ºC) Refers: 60 ºC Maximum punctual temperature.
45 ºC Highest mean temperature over any period of 24 h.
35 ºC Highest mean temperature over any period of a year.

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.